About Shushi, the Project, and Business Opportunities in Shushi

Located on a mountain plateau high above the Karkar River, Shushi overlooks the majestic views of Artsakh from her height of 1600 meters. Shushi is surrounded by eighteen century fortress-walls and canyons. In her glory days, Shushi was home to over 15 newspapers in Armenian and Russian languages, museums and was a showcase of Armenian architecture.

In 1918-1920 Shushi was the center of the Artsakh liberation movement and the capital of self- governing Nagorno Karabakh. During the Artsakh war, Shushi was turned into an Azerbaijani military base. Shushi was liberated on May 9, 1992; this was our second great victory after Sardarapat. It was both a military and moral victory for all Armenians worldwide.

The authorities of the NKR consider the development of Shoushi as an issue of great strategic importance and for this very reason Artsakh’s government is planning to move some state organs and structures to Shoushi, including the judicial system the ministry of culture and youth affairs, some sub- divisions of the Defense Army, the union of writers, Artsakh branch of the State Agricultural University of Armenia and some other bodies. We are confident that these measures will give a new impetus to the development of Shushi.

Avan Shushi Plaza and Tourist Center is a project undertaken for the development of a tourist district in Artsakh. The project is an important economic development activity for Shushi, setting a framework for development of the city as a cultural, tourist and educational center. This project includes a 63 room hotel (31 rooms available/renovated as part of project’s phase I plan), conference / banquet hall, historic Eastern Bazaar, ancient Caravansary, historic baths (Spa) and restaurants resulting in conversion of these properties to a lively and animated contemporary tourist center.

Avan Ishkhan partnership truly believes in the positive impact of its projects on the development of Shushi. Our projects are aimed to help with transformation of Shushi as a touristic, cultural and educational destination. Avan Shushi Plaza projects facilitating the needed activities for Shushi include:

Historic Shouka (Bazaar) - The Historic Shouka consists of over 20 stores. Our vision is to have Shouka serve as both a touristic attraction and a functioning public marketplace. Shouka will serve the tourists by its charming stores offering handcrafted objects, rugs, jewelry, pottery crafted by locals; in addition, Shouka will serve the locals by becoming a source for daily goods, produce and other food items.

Historic Bath – Our vision for Historic Bath is to function as both a historic building showcasing Shushi’s architecture, and relaxation destination for our guest. Our guests will enjoy the clean and comfortable environment with amenities such as Spa, Jacuzzi, pool and massage.

The Banquet Hall / Meeting Room / Conference Hall, surrounded by windows overlooking Shushi, these facilities provide the needed accommodations to conduct your meetings in a nice and friendly environment. Our business center, internet access and additional meeting rooms will allow you to hold additional meetings as part of your business function.

The Market Street planned as one of Avan Ishkhan projects will be setup on the road between Shouka and Hotel. The Market Street will serve as the location where artists can sell their painting, sculptures, hand crafts on an outdoor setting (similar to Vernisaj in Yerevan).Below are some activities which can be organized using the Avan Ishkhan partnership projects:


  1. Dance
  2. Performing Art
  3. Arts and craft centers (educational workshops)
  4. Festivals for cinema
  5. Theater
  6. Music (Jazz, Rock, Classical)
  7. Street performances
  8. Food tasting festival
  9. Winery and Culinary Arts


  1. Wine tasting tournaments
  2. Restaurant
  3. Sidewalk Café
  4. Souvenir shops
  5. Carpet
  6. Artisan workshop
  7. Carpet weaving workshop
  8. Carriage rides in town
  9. Visiting historic buildings in town
  10. Pottery, jewelry, and decorative items
  11. Outdoor vendor
  12. Studio; art, artisan, architecture
  13. Art Gallery
  14. Vernisaj

Business Expo / Conventions

  1. Business Meetings
  2. Political Party gatherings
  3. Conventions
  4. Symposiums

Educational / Youth Activities

  1. Summer Camps for high school students
  2. Scouting Jamborees
  3. Athletic events


Enjoy traditional Armenian food and plan your next baptism or wedding in Shushi taking advantage of the Avan Shushi Plaza Hotel's Banquet Hall.


Every attention is given to make the stay of our clients as comfortable as possible. For this reason, our hotel provide 24*7 phone support.


All the necessary conditions are created in the hotel's more than 30 rooms to satisfy guests' needs highest possible; air-conditioning, satellite TV, free internet connection.